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Windows 10 Install - Read More

Published Nov 02, 2018

This guide will give a brief explanation on how to install Windows 10 from scratch.

Rome 2 - Starting Money - Read More

Published Jan 15, 2015

A guide to help players change the starting amount of money in campaign mode.

Rome 2 - Turns Per Year - Read More

Published Jan 10, 2015

This guide will help players change the default turns per year in the campaign

Rome 2 - Mod Setup - Read More

Published Jan 01, 2015

A short tutorial to get you setup ready to being modding Rome 2 Total War

Ubuntu 14.04 - phpMyAdmin - Read More

Published Dec 10, 2014

phpMyAdmin is an easy way users can interact with MySQL through a web interface.

Ubuntu 14.04 - Ajenti - Read More

Published Dec 05, 2014

Ajenti is a GUI based control panel packed with features ideal for web and server admins.

Ubuntu 14.04 - TinyProxy - Read More

Published Nov 30, 2014

Tinyproxy is a lightweight proxy, perfect for small and home servers.

Ubuntu 14.04 - Lemp Server - Read More

Published Nov 20, 2014

A LEMP stack is made of several different software that can be used to serve dynamic web pages and applications. LEMP is an acronym that describes a Linux operating system, an Nginx web server, MySQL and the dynamic processing by PHP.