About Us

What is The Cabin?

Back in 2012 I (Brains) decided that I wanted to do more than just sit at a desk watching Tutorials and LetsPlay videos. It was great but it wasn't enough to just be in the audience. I wanted to give something back and create my own content and have our own platform.

There were many ways to acheive this, YouTube or one of those free website builders you find online for example. But this wasn't good enough. I wanted full control and the ability to deliver content how we wanted with no restrictions.

I made the decision to create our own site from scratch. However, lack of resources and mostly time meant that the project quickly took a back seat and didn't really see the light of day for some time.

Years passed and CabinTek was still a pipedream. In fact the name didn't even exist until 2015. Finally I had now had two friends Chewie and Noodle who also had a similar interest. So I came up with the name CabinTek and my first website was born. It had a name and a purpose unlike the other projects I had started and never finished before. But unfortunately we still hadn't the time or the skills to make something worth showing off. Still I was happy in the knowledge that maybe this project might go somewhere in future

Fast forward to 2017 we are now starting to add more content and tutorials to the site as we go along but we're hoping for a big improvement over the next few months compared to what's been done in the past.